Killer Sheriff

The murder of Robert Irvine III

No one expects the sheriff to be a killer. The twist and turns that led to Robert Irvine’s death seem like some thing out of a movie. Instead it happened in real life changing the town forever.

Today’s episode features portions of a 911 call

Robert Irvine III

School Shootings in New York

Pre 2000

The idea of the school shooting seemed new in 2000. The early to mid 2000s saw what seemed to be a rise is school shootings. I went into this research with the idea that there were not many before 2000, Only to find an entire Wikipedia Article dedicated to school shootings pre 2000, Today’s episode is a quick overview of the shootings that happened in NYS before 2000

Brigitte Harris

Sometimes we can’t tell, sometimes when we tell no one believes us, and sometimes we just have to take matters in our own hands. Brigitte Harris had a very hard life from the literal time she was born until she made the mistake that would change her life forever. This is the tragically sad story of Brigitte Harris.

Brigitte Harris

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Helen Ray Fowler

Today’s episode is a mini about the first and last Black woman to be executed in New York State in the 20th century. Helen was executed for a murder that she did not commit.

Helen Fowler

Helen Ray Fowler- Murderpedia